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Welcome to Journalytix

Journalytix is the most comprehensive automated Trader Support System available today. Real time news and economic news alerts keep your finger on the pulse of what's driving the market. Real time trading stats keep you posted on what you are making and what you are risking to make it - for both individual traders and trading teams.


Real time trade journaling makes it the only real time tool that allows you to collect additional information about your trades as it happens.


Not only that - it's the easiest to use tool in it's class

- no need to type your trade journal by hand - use voice dictation - which turns your words into written text! Over 130 languages supported PLUS voice commands.

- real time audio news reader, keep an 'ear' on the news as you trade.

- 1 minute & 5 minute warning of scheduled economic news events PLUS alerts the moment the release is made.

- Social sharing to Facebook, Twitter & your own personal blog (with optional password protection)


Trading information is pulled from your trading platform/server automatically in real time and posted to our secure cloud-based trade analytics server.

Automated Browser/Phone notifications give you a one click link to trade note entry, making adding notes, tags and categories to your trades a process that takes just a few seconds. Allowing you to store rich information about your trading, yet not taking your focus away from the most important task - finding and managing trades.


Note that you will get out what you put into this system. So please review how to set up Trade Types and how to get 1 click access to the Journal for a trade through Browser Notifications and the Journal Queue.


clip0242Journalytix works best with Google Chrome Browser works fine on Firefox and Opera too but doesn't think much of Microsoft Browsers!


Journalytix is being used in proprietary trading firms around the globe. Currently we support the following trading API's.


Data Feeds APIs


CQG Continuum

GAIN Capital



TT Rest


Platform Integrations



NinjaTrader 8

XTrader (XTAPI)


Instrument Types

We support all instrument types - Futures, Equities, Forex, CFD, Cryptocurrencies. If your platform supports, them then so does Journalytix.


If you have any problems following these instructions, please contact us on:

SKYPE: JigsawTrading (all one word)

Email: Support@JigsawTrading.com

Or raise a ticket on the ticketing system on the Jigsaw Members Site.