Release Notes

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Release Notes

We tend to make small changes on an ad-hoc basis in Journalytix but we do occasionally release 'major' releases. In this section, we'll list the contents of those.


8th January, 2019

Implemented Commissions - with "float over" so you can see commission breakdown for any trade

oEdit/Apply Commissions

oShow on My Trades

oShow on Dashboard

oShow on Leaderboard

oShow on Notes page

oCompany Override Employee Commissions

V2011 daytradr now sends open positions to Journalytix every minute

Improved text search functionality (including ability to search all without parameters)

Improved MAE/MFE processing

Show last 20 tags used on notes editor

Open PnL added to the day overview

Open PnL updated every minute (needs updgrade to the daytradr client app)