Journal Queue

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Journal Queue

Notifications give you one click instant access to the journal. You can also reach your journal through My Trades or any other trade list. The Journal Queue gives you another convenient way to assign trade types and/or journal your trades.


The journal queue lists all trades that have not been journaled yet.  The most recent trades are shown first.




At Jigsaw, we believe that categorizing your trades leads to better analysis, so at a minimum we advice you put in the trade type, even if you don't have time to enter notes. You have 2 ways to use this screen.


1 - Just enter trade type for each trade and then dismiss the trades.

2 - Click on the notes icon and enter trade type, emotional state and notes/screen shots.


Once notes have been entered, the row will disappear from the journal queue leaving you with just the items in there that have not been journaled. If you click the checkbox on the left, you then click "dismiss selected" and they too will be removed from the journal queue.