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The Playbook is where you define your trades. What worked & when it worked. Trade types allow you to classify your trades. For example you might classify your trades as "Scalp", "Breakout", "Reversal". These are categories you can rapidly assign to trades during journal entry or in the journal queue.


You will be able to search for trades by trade type as well as filter by trade type in the various analytics page.


Your trade types will be displayed:



Click clip0228 to edit a trade type (enter summary notes)

Click "Create" to add a new trade type.

Click clip0229 delete a trade type.

Click clip0230 to enter notes about a trade type.


It's easy to 'lose' a trade - to move on as the market conditions evolve and then forget what worked previously in different conditions. As those conditions return weeks or months later, your playbook acts as the intellactual bank account that reminds you of what worked in the past.


The notes page allows you to store text, video and images to detail your trade rules.