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The calendar gives you a clear and concise summary of trade history from a monthly, weekly or daily basis.  


The default view is the monthly calendar:



You can select the Trading Group to display and you can quickly scroll backwards and forwards through the month.


You can double click on any day to go straight to the weekly view for that week.

clip0035 The emoticons show aggregate values for each category for the period.

PnL - is always Profit/Loss based on closed values for the period

Max DD - is either the maximum closed drawdown OR the largest intra-trade draw down of any individual trade, which ever is the lower value (largest drawdown)

Max Gain - is either the maximum closed gain OR the largest intra-trade gain of any individual trade, whichever is the larger value (largest gain)

0 - Click to access the notes for the day.

clip0038 - Click to view My Trades for that day.

clip0039 - Click to go to Day Overview for that day.


You get to the weekly calendar by double-clicking a day on the monthly calendar. The weekly Calendar looks like this:



You can see trade cound and PnL for each 1 hour period for the week. On the right side, you can see total trade count and PnL for each 1 hour period.