Installing daytradr API

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Installing daytradr API

The Jigsaw daytradr application is used to transfer trades in real time from your PC (or server) to the Journalytix Servers.


You do not need a daytradr license to run the application. You can simply enter your Journalytix credentials to connect daytradr to your trading platform.




Step 1 - Log on to click your name in the top right and click "Account Settings" and then "Download"

Step 2 - Download the latest version of "Jigsaw daytradr", then run the downloaded installer. If you get a message from your browser during download, then click "More Info" and "Run Anyway" or "Download Anyway"

Step 3 - Run the daytradr application and Click "File -> Options". You will see the following screen:




Step 4 - Enter your journalytix username and password and click OK

Step 5 - Restart daytradr application (close and reopen it)

Step 6 - Set up the connections to your platform/data feed following the instructions in the Jigsaw daytradr manual


CQG Continuum

GAIN Capital (OEC)

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

NinjaTrader 8



Trading Technologies XTAPI (XTrader)

Trading Technologies REST API (See notes below)


Note that Trading Technologies REST API allows server integration so that multiple traders account information can be uploaded from a single instance of TT REST API. See Assign Account for more details of how to assign accounts to specific Journalytix users.