Trading Technologies XTAPI

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Trading Technologies XTAPI

Trading Technologies XTAPI allows you to connect to the XTrader platform.


Note that the bridge to XTrader is for Trade History only.


XTAPI Connections are defined as follows:






Connection:              The name of the connection - just something you'll remember it by.

Description:              Optional - an additional description for the connection.

User Name:              The user name used in XTrader

Password:              The password used in XTrader

Server:                      Demo/Live

Logon Type:              XTrader/Universal - if unsure use XTrader

Auto Connect:        Check if you want to connect on startup.

Auto Connect Sequence Number:        The order of connection. If you have more than one connection that will connect on startup, you can specify which one you want to connect first.



The "XTrader" logon type doesn't use the username/password - it just connects directly to the XTrader platform.

If your XTrader password changes and you are using Universal type connection - then you will need to edit the connection profile.

For some reason, we are only allowed to connect once per daytradr session. So after disconnecting restart daytradr before connecting again.

If you have problems connecting or your manager changes your XTrader options, it is not enough to restart XTrader, you must close TT's Guardian application before starting TT again.