Assign Account

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Assign Account

For some APIs (for example TT REST), it's possible to the daytradr platform to a server to collect data for multiple traders. Assign account allows you to assign accounts to a Journalytix trader.  On first connecting, all trades will go to the trader manager account. Once accounts have been assigned to an individual trader, the trade history and journal data will be moved to that users account. In addition, any new inbound trades for that account will also go to that assigned user.


To manage your trader groups, click on "Tools" and then "Traders" on the Journalytix menu.




You will then see this page:




The 3 white areas at the top allow you to filter the accounts you will see - by AccountProvider (e.g. TT, CQG, GAIN etc), Account Types (Live, Combine, Demo, Sim), Account Name (actual account ID)


As you can see a list of accounts is then shown.

Owner Name - Name of person account is currently assigned to (empty if account has not been assigned yet).

clip0019 - Click to assign this account to a trader, you will then see this window appear.