CQG Continuum

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CQG Continuum

NOTE: Before you can connect Jigsaw to your CQG account, you will need to ask your brokerage to enable private label "Jigsaw" on your CQG Continuum account. If the broker doesn't understand, tell them to pass the message on to the FCM who will!


If you intend to use daytradr alongside some other application (e.g. Sierra Charts) please take note - You will need to request a 2nd login for daytrdr so that you can connect to 2 applications on the same PC. There is a fee for this 2nd login and a fee for the data too.


CQG Continuum Connections are defined as follows:




Connection:            The name of the connection - just something you'll remember it by.

Description:              Optional - an additional description for the connection.

User Name:              The user name for this CQG Continuum Account.

Password:              The password for this CQG Continuum Account.

Host:                      The host - this will be provided to you by your brokerage.

Auto Connect:              Check if you want this connection to connect automatically on start up

Auto Connect Sequence Number:       The order of connection. If you have more than one connection that will connect on startup, you can specify which one you want to connect first.


If you are happy with the settings, then click "Ok" to save them and "Cancel" to exit without saving.