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Jigsaw Utilizes Rithmics RAPI+ functionality which supports symbol search and server side OCOs.


Rithmic Connections are defined as follows:




Connection:              The name of the connection - just something you'll remember it by.

Description:              Optional - an additional description for the connection.

User Name:              The user name for this Rithmic Account.

Password:              The password for this Rithmic Account.

Server:                      The most common server names have been defined and can be selected here. If your server is not here and your broker has given you specific connection parameters, then do not select a server.

Days to load on startup Number of days trade history to load when connecting. After the first connection, it will simply download what's happened since last connect. Click here for more on loading history.

Parameters:              If your Server definition is not in the list, then you can manually define the connection parameters here.

Auto Connect:              Check if you want this connection to connect automatically on start up

Auto Connect Sequence Number:        The order of connection. If you have more than one connection that will connect on startup, you can specify which one you want to connect first.