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The commissions module allows you to setup commissions for different instruments/accounts and make 'mass updates' to update existing position data with commissions.


Once commissions are set up, they will be applied to all trades that are sent to Journalytix from your platform/data feed. There may be times when you need to update these and apply them to existing data. The options for maintaining commissions are:


Maintain Commissions - to enter the commission rates

Apply Commissions - to set commissions on existing positions.


You can see commissions in various places in Journalytix.


My Trades page - shows commissions in "Comms" column. Also shows a breakdown of commissions if you float the cursor over any individual commission.



Fill windows



Fill windows exit in various pages and show the total commissions for that fill.


Dashboard - shows Gross PnL, Commissions and Net PnL.



All other amounts for example on calendar, leaderboard, Day overview are Net PnL which means after commissions.