Maintain Commissions

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Maintain Commissions

To maintain commission rates, go to the "Commission" page on the "Tools" Menu.




You will see the following page:




Date From - Fill Date from which this commission is valid.

Account - Account for this commission rate or "*" for all accounts.

Exchange ID - Exchange ID for this commission or "*" for all exchanges.

Instrument Type - Type of instrument (mandatory) - see below for details about "EXPF" instrument type on platforms that do not provide the type

CommQty - Commission Qty

NFA Fee - NFA Fees that apply

Exchange Fee - Exchange Fees that apply

Clearing Fee - Clearing Fees that apply


You can add multiple rows of commissions. When looking for the commission for a trade, it will first find the "best match". If there's more than 1 best match, then it'll use the most recent one prior or the same date as the fill.


Rules for Scoring Best Match.

- Instrument Type must match.

- If Exchange Id matches we add 10 to the match score.

- If Account matches, we add 11 to the match score.

- If Symbol matches, we add 12 to the match score.



- if we find 2 rows that match

- Row 1 where the Exchange ID and Account matches (21 points match score)

- Row 2 where the Exchange ID AND Symbols match (22 points match score)

Then commissions from Row 2 will be selected.


If we find 2 rows with the same match score, then we use the most recent - on or before the fill date.


Note a "*" is a wildcard match which means "anything" but has a score of zero.


About Instrument Type "EXPF"

For some platforms, we don't get any instrument type from them. So it comes across as type "EXPF". You can set up commissions for this type. If you aren't sure if EXPF is being used or not - go to "My Trades" view and take a look at the Instrument Type on the trades.