Register New User

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Register New User

An alternative way to add a user is via the Register New User page. This method differs from adding via the Traders screen in the following ways:


User must be new to the system.

No email will be sent to the user.

It is up to the company to inform the user of their logon details OR give them access via the SSO API


The following properties can be entered.



First Name

Last Name

Email - Email address of user

Username - Unique username assigned to user

Password - Password for the account

Start Date - The date on which the user is licensed to use Journalytix

End Date - End date (optional) on which the users license to Journalytix expires (defaults to start date + default account days on Company Settings Page)

Account Provider - Account Provider for this customer (optional)

Account Name - Account ID (Account Number) for the users account - to ensure their trades are automatically routed to their account


On Submit, the details will be validated and either an error shown or the user created. These users can then be seen in the Traders Page