Corporate Accounts

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Corporate Accounts

Corporate Accounts have additional capabilities in terms of setting up and analyzing teams. In addition, corporate accounts can use the Journalytix API to register new users, bypassing the Jigsaw sales and members pages.


Trading Teams can be setup by anyone with a corporate license to Journalytix. Trading Teams can be setup for proprietary trading firm management or to help with "home trader tryouts".


Your team members can be linked to one account and you can group them in categories for analytics. For example, you may want to have one group comprising of trainees and one group comprising of seasoned traders.


You can invite any trader to become part of your group. Each trader will consume one of your journalytix licenses. With "home trader tryouts", you can invite anyone by email address. If they are already registered on the journalytix system, you will see there member name. If not, they can set up an id (at no cost to them) and download the daytradr platform to act as the interface between their trading PC and the Journalytix servers.


In all cases, after adding someone to your team, they will be sent an email with a link to confirm that they accept to join. From that point forwards you will be able to see their trading activity.