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The leaderboard is a motivational/team building tool and also a way of keeping customers 'sticky'.  




There are 2 types of leaderboard.

Monthly/Weekly - these leaderboards rank traders by consistency and good trading behavior.

Daily - the daily leaderboard ranks by P&L but will downrank someone that does something silly like scale into a massive offside trade. The rating is different on the daily leaderboard because you can't really rate consistency over just one day.


There is a public leaderboard, which traders can opt in/out of. Firms can also have their own internal leaderboards. Brokerages can do the same thing.




In the above screen shot, we can see the three winners and below that a list of all the participants.


To select a specific group, use the group selection and refresh button: clip0175


To change the dates shown - use the calendar: clip0176


Users can elect to have their individual trades displayed. If you see the clip0067 or clip0069 you can click to see the individual positions.