GAIN Capital (OEC) - Desktop Integration

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GAIN Capital (OEC) - Desktop Integration

The GAIN Capital feed is the new name for the OEC Feed. It is also the feed for the following platforms, so if you have any of the following platforms you can use the feed:


Alpha Trader, Apex Trader, ATC Trader, CTG Pro, DT Pro, G-Force Trader, Global Zen Trader, High Ground Trader, Index Trade Launcher, S5 Trader & Zaner 360


Before you can connect, you first need to enable your account to use Jigsaw daytradr. Log on to your account portal at


Look for the "Jigsaw daytradr" row and click to enable Jigsaw daytadr



GAIN Capital Connections are defined as follows:




Connection              The name of the connection - just something you'll remember it by.

Description              Optional - an additional description for the connection.

User Name              The user name for this GAIN Capital Account.

Password              The password for this GAIN Capital Account.

Sever                      Demo or Live

Host                      Not required

Auto Connect              Check if you want this connection to connect automatically on start up

Auto Connect Sequence Number        The order of connection. If you have more than one connection that will connect on startup, you can specify which one you want to connect first.