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Register Customer/Employee

The Register Customer/Employee API is used to automatically register employees or customers to a corporate Journalytix account. This is generally done if the employees or customers are registering on the companies site, it makes no sense for them to register twice. In addition, this give you a 'point of registration' way to determine if their username already exists on the Journalytix servers.


The parameters to send to register a customer are as follows:

Company ID - admin user id of company on the Journalytix system

Company Password - password of the admin user for the company on the Journalytix system

API Code - API code for the company

Employee First Name

Employee Last Name

Employee Email Address

Start Date

End Date

Employee User Name - User name to be created in Journalytix

Employee Password - Password to be created in Journalytix

Account Provider ID - Provider ID of the account (e.g CQG, GAIN, JIGSAW_SIM, MT4, MT5, NT8, Rithmic, Tradovate, TTAPI, TTRESTAPI)

Account Name - Account number of the account


The End Date, Account Provider ID & Account Name are optional properties.


The validation rules are:

- user and email address cannot exist on any user currently registered

- company member, user and API code must match


Error Codes

01 - User already registered with user name user name

02 - User name belongs to a different email address

03 - API Code not valid

04 - Invalid user name or password

05 - Valid user already exists

06 - User Exists, please use Invite API (Click here for invite API details)

07 - Number of registered employees exceeded. License allows xxxx where xxxx is number of registered


Sample PHP Code for Posting to the API is here



You can test adding a customer via the API here: