Trader Groups

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Trader Groups

You can set up groups of traders and then select groups in the calendar and reports. This gives you an easy way to track performance of teams and separate out interns and live traders. You can create as many groups as you like and you can put any individual trader into many groups too.


To manage your trader groups, click on "Tools" and then "Traders" on the Journalytix menu.




You will then see this page:



Group - a 'drop down' window to let you select a group to work with

Delete Group - deletes the selected group, this will not remove the traders from your company

Create Group - to create a new group

Add Trader - to add a Trader to your group.


When you click "Add Trader", you will see the following window:



You can add traders to the group by email, member id or name. You can select multiple traders to add at a time.

Note that the for traders to appear here, they must already have been added in the Traders page.