Connection Fees

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Connection Fees

There's a lot of confusion about connection fees with different data feed providers with different fee structures. Here's a run down of any additional fees you may incur connecting Journalytix to your trading data feed.


BitFinex - no fees charged

CQG Continuum - Charges $10 per connection but the first connection is free. 1 Connection can only connect to 1 platform simultaneously. If you trade through Jigsaw daytradr, you will already be connected and there's no additional Journalytix connection. If you trade CQG from another platform, you will incur a $10 fee for connecting Journalytix. Note also that when asking CQG to setup the additional login, tell them that you do not want market data. If not, they'll also charge you $5-$15 a month in data fees.

GAIN Capital - No additional fees to connect to Journalytix at the same time as the GAIN platform.

MetaTrader 4 - No additional fees.

MetaTrader 5 - No additional fees.

NinjaTrader 8 - There is some confusion here. NinjaTrader is a brokerage that supports CQG Feed and NinjaTrader 8 is their platform. You can connect to either the feed OR the platform. If you connect via their data feed, you will pay the additional $10 fee mentioned in CQG Continuum above. If you connect to the NinjaTrader 8 platform, there is no fee.

Rithmic - Charges a flat $20 fee regardless of the number of platforms you connect to. They also charge 25c per trade. Note that this is a minimum fee, if your Rithmic trading fees for the month exceed $20, then you don't pay any connection fee. This is a change for 2019. See this write up from AMP Futures on Rithmic connectivity.

Stellar - You need the pro version of Stellar or a version which includes their API. There is no additional fee for users that have the API.

XTAPI (XTrader) - You need the pro version of XTRader or a version which includes their API. There is no additional fee for users that have the API.

TTAPI - Connects via TTRest. The fee is $50/month but one TT Rest connection can connect a TEAM of traders. So for example - if a firm has 20 traders, we only need to connect to 1 instance of TT Rest for the entire firm.

Tradovate & TST Trader - Connecting via the new bridge to Tradovate/TST Trader has no additional fee.